Take a big, lovin’ armful of country music, throw it into a mix of heart breaking ballads, a touch of skiffle and favourites from the history of popular music and what do you get?       LOVELOCK!

Stir well and you can guarantee a great slice of entertainment from this trio of veteran performers who between them can call on a huge repertoire of musical fun. With influences ranging from Patsy Cline to Adele, the Everley Brothers to the Beatles, Johnny Cash to Loretta Lynn, and much more besides, there is something for everyone who enjoys raw, acoustic emotion.  (You might even find a dose or two of bluegrass banjo and Formby ukulele songs thrown in for good measure!) And all presented with the warmth and confidence which only true, experienced show business professionals can convey.

Available essentially as a trio, LOVELOCK can increase the line-up if required, adding fiddle and percussion if the budget allows. 

MAGGIE REGAN: Once known as “Tiny Lane” on the club/theatre circuit, Maggie is a powerful singer whose voice does justice to all the greats. She knows how to grab an audience by the collar whilst taking them to heaven too! (And she can play a mean washboard...) 

MIKE MARTIN: Born and brought up in a family of pro entertainers, Mike is a highly experienced performer who believes in timeless values when it comes to entertainment. Whether finger picking his guitar, plucking his banjo or strumming his ‘uke, he can be relied upon to keep things moving. 

RON REGAN: On his unique stand-up bass, Ron provides that steady rhythm which is so essential to the style. With a lifetime of international touring behind him, Ron is a rock and a true pro. 


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As we haven’t finished recording our new album, I have put a couple of rehearsal songs on here. Please forgive the volume glitches, but turn the sound up and  I promise to replace these tracks as soon as possible! There are more recordings on the bio pages.

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